Jack Lucido has been playing baseball ever since he was old enough to pick up a bat. Even from his youngest days, he always had a knack for the game, so much so that he caught the eye of Georgetown varsity baseball coach Phil Desilets even while playing in Little League.

This past year as an eighth grader, Lucido earned an opportunity to play with the high school kids, emerging as one of the better players on the JV team. He did well enough that when Georgetown’s varsity squad qualified for the state tournament, Desilets opted to call him up as a practice player to get his first taste of high-level baseball.

“What impressed me the most about Jack is his ability and maturity to fit in with the upperclassmen. He made his way in, the guys loved having him, you could see the way they interacted with each other,” Desilets said. “He didn’t skip a beat. The guys made him feel a part of the team, and he had the ability to be comfortable in that situation where a lot of eighth graders might not take to that real well.”

“It was a great experience, it was fun playing with the older kids, they taught me a lot,” Lucido said. “I got to learn a lot about the team and how their success comes from working together.”

While Lucido may have been young, his experience stacked up with many of his teammates on JV. Before long he didn’t feel like a young guy and even took on something of a leadership role. Now, going into his freshman year, Lucido has the look of a potential impact player.

A catcher by trade, Desilets said that Lucido has great defensive abilities, a strong arm and a good understanding of how to manage a game and make sure his pitchers feel comfortable. He can also hit, and when needed he is versatile enough to play other positions too.

Besides playing with the Georgetown High School team this year, Lucido has also played competitive ball with the Academy Baseball AAU club out of Danvers. A couple of years ago he also played with a team that participated in a tournament at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

At 5-foot-11, 158 pounds, Lucido already matches up well with older players physically. In addition to baseball, he also plays basketball as a center, and last winter he and a handful of other eighth graders also earned time on JV.

While Desilets said that Lucido will have to earn his opportunity to play varsity in the spring, he said he’s been impressed with his commitment, noting that he’s been a fixture at the team’s offseason workout programs. How his career will unfold is still a question, but if he continues along his current track, he’s optimistic that Lucido will succeed.

“Jack has the work ethic and the love of the game, and he’s going to continue to work to get better,” Desilets said. “That right there is what’s going to help him succeed at the next level. We won’t know until the spring, but we’re looking forward to working with Jack.”

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