SPORTS PLAYED: Basketball, baseball, football, cross country

ACADEMIC HIGHLIGHTS: 4.4 GPA; ranked 21st in class; National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, German National Honor Society; High honors all four years

BEST ACCOMPLISHMENT AS A STUDENT: My best accomplishment as a student is the bond I created with a lot of my teachers. I strongly believe that having a good relationship with one’s teachers will make learning a lot easier and more fun. You are not going to connect with every teacher, but having mutual respect will allow for a better learning environment.

FAVORITE SUBJECT: My favorite subject was all the science classes I took. Learning about how the world works and why was fascinating to me. I have always asked the question why, and science can always explain why and how.

FAVORITE MOMENT AS ATHLETE: My favorite moment as a high school athlete was coming back to play football after not playing since freshman year. We were playing a Friday night game under the lights and my parents were there watching me. I played both sides of the ball and played the whole game. We did not win, but being back on the field with my teammates was special.

BEST ADVICE FROM A COACH: The best advice I got from a coach was from all my coaches at Pentucket. They all made sure to emphasize the importance of being a good person and how that is more important than sports.

ON BALANCING STUDENT AND ATHLETE: The main way I balanced being a student and an athlete was making sure to keep the two separate. When it was time for homework that meant just homework. No watching film or dribbling a basketball. During practice I was locked in for that sport, taking my mind off the school work I had after. It came down to time management and avoiding procrastination at all costs.

ADVICE TO INCOMING FRESHMEN: I would tell them to have a designated area where they do their homework and leave their phone. Once they are in that area their brain will know it is time to do work and they will get done a lot quicker.

COLLEGE PLANS: I am going to the University of Rhode Island because they gave me the best financial package, but also because I wanted to study the environmental/marine sciences field and URI has a great program.

BEST LESSON LEARNED THROUGH COMMUNITY SERVICE: The best lesson I have learned through community service is someone always has it worse than you so we have to be thankful for what we have. I volunteered at a Lawrence soup kitchen with the baseball team and it helped me realize how lucky I am to have a roof over my head and to have food available at all times.

WHAT BEING A LEADER MEANS TO ME: Being a leader to me is leading by example. I have never been the most vocal leader and mostly keep to myself. Showing others the way by doing will make them more comfortable when they have to do what I did. Also, not everyone does well with being told what to do so leading by example avoids that.

IN 10 YEARS I HOPE TO ... I hope to be doing something that makes me happy. I hope others think of me as funny and kind and I hope the five friends I have now are still in the picture.

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