Merrimac natives building audience with Morning Blitz newsletter

Courtesy PhotoMerrimac's Dan Healey and Austin Smith, both Governor's Academy alumni, are founders of the Morning Blitz, a daily newsletter that aims to give subscribers all the sports news they need to know in five minutes or less.

MERRIMAC — Austin Smith and Dan Healey have always been a team. Growing up two minutes down the road from one another in Merrimac, the pair always used to play neighborhood sports and later teamed up again as three-sport athletes at the Governor’s Academy.

After going their separate ways in college, the two childhood friends have teamed up once again. Only now instead of the gridiron or lacrosse field, their arena is the sports business world.

Smith and Healey are co-founders of a start-up sports newsletter called the Morning Blitz. Inspired by other popular newsletters, the service aims to provide sports fans with all of the news they need in one easy to read package.

“It’s intended that if you read the newsletter you get everything you need to know in five minutes,” Smith said. “But if you see something that piques your interest we have all the links.”

The newsletter was a natural union between the pair’s entrepreneurial instincts and passion for sports, as well as their own unique talents. After playing football and lacrosse together at Governor’s, the two embarked on separate paths in college that helped prepare them for their own roles within the sports business world.

Healey stayed directly involved in sports, playing college lacrosse for Colgate University while dabbling in sports media when his schedule allowed. By his senior year, Healey and a fellow Colgate student were hosting their own sports radio show, and more recently Healey has taken a full-time job in marketing at ESPN.

Smith, meanwhile, did not play college sports, instead opting to attend Trinity College to study economics and mathematics. During that time he also studied abroad at the London School of Economics, and after graduating he went into investment banking with the hope that he could learn as much about how businesses run so he could one day start his own. 

That day finally came earlier this year.

“It was a perfect crossover of strengths with me on the business side and Danny on the sports side,” said Smith, whose mother Tracey is the head girls tennis coach at Pentucket High.

“We hit the ground running from there and that’s how we got to this point,” Healey said.

Smith and Healey launched the Morning Blitz back in the spring and have since attracted several thousand subscribers. Their newsletter has gotten shoutouts on Twitter from prominent sports media personalities like Fox Sports’ Rob Stone and ESPN’S David Lloyd, and now the two are hoping to see how much bigger their business can grow.

For more information on the Morning Blitz, or to subscribe, visit

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