NEWBURYPORT – Enduring some of the hottest race conditions of the season, Chelmsford’s Ruben Sanca, a 2012 Cape Verde Olympic team member, repeated as champion in the Lions Club Yankee Homecoming 10-mile race, finishing in 53:24, almost two minutes off last year’s pace.

Boston’s Eric Ashe was second in 53:43 while Justin Freeman from Compton, N.H., placed third in 55:14.

“I was trying to see who showed up and just go from the very beginning and see if anyone wanted to go with me,” Sanca, 32, said. “I slowed down considerably after the first three miles. But once I got caught by Eric at about seven miles. I just tried to keep up with him and rely on my kick over the last mile, because it’s a little bit faster, I think.”

In the women’s 10-mile, first-timer Karen Roa from Maynard was 36 seconds ahead of last year’s winning time, blazing the course in 59:48. Jamaica Plains’ Margaret Njuguna finished second in 60:16 while Haverhill’s Jaclyn Solimine was third in 62.24. Solimine was second in last year’s race.

“I went out a little faster than I wanted to,” Roa, 29, said. “I wanted to go a little conservative, but (Njuguna) kind of took off and I didn’t want to let her get too far so I kept my eyes on her. I knew she was struggling and looking back a bunch of times and that cost her. I passed her a little past the seven-mile marker.”

In the 5K, Jeff Seelaus edged out a deep field in his Yankee Homecoming debut. The 25-year-old Amherst College graduate won the men’s 5K in a time of 16:14, which was 11 seconds faster than Nick Denari from Portland, Maine. Will Goddard from Sebago, Maine, was third in 16:53.

“This was at the point of my season where I was looking to incorporate some races and have some harder efforts and this like like a perfect opportunity,” said Seelaus, whose time was 36 seconds faster than last year’s winner. “I was mainly shooting for the win and tried my best not to look at the time.

“I wanted to average a five-minute pace and I did that for two miles, but after that I noticed it started hurting and I did what no runner should do – I looked back. Nick was not going away and he kept me honest.”

Yvonne Bungei, 25, from Methuen, was the women’s 5K winner, posting a 18:34 time. Betsy Suda from Gainesville, Florida, was second in 19:08 and Dana Levin from Brookline was third in 19:29.

Yankee Homecoming Race Results

Men’s 5K

1. Jeff Seelaus 16:14

2. Will Goddard 16:53

3. Robert Hollinger 17:13

4. Bryon Popp 17:22

5. Will Coppola 17:30

6. Lucas Parsons 17:32

7. Joe Rand 17:32

8. Ziggy Goddard 17:35

9. Brian Abel 17:58

10. Jared Kehmna 18:15

Women’s 5K

1. Yvonne Bungei 18:34

2. Betsy Suda 19:08

3. Danna Levin 19:29

4. Ashleigh Griffin 19:58

5. Kathryn White 20:11

6. Jennika Mannesto 20:27

7. Rebecca Hession 20:29

8. Ellie Gay-Killeen 21:00

9. Shea Jenkins 21:13

10. Kylie Lorenzo 21:24

Men’s 10-mile

1. Ruben Sanca 53:24

2. Eric Ashe 53:43

3. Justin Freeman 55:14

4. Mark Hegarty 55:23

5. Brandon Newbould 56:43

6. Shane Whalen 57:25

7. Ben Pare 57:31

8. James Bailey 58:22

9. Dave Metzger 59:05

10. Brendan Meehan 59:17

Women’s 10-mile

1. Karen Roa 59:12

2. Margaret Njuguna 1:00:16

3. Jaclyn Solimine 1:02:24

4. Katherine Newberry 1:03:41

5. Laura Paulsen 1:05:40

6. Caroline Mahoney 1:07:17

7. Kassandra Marin 1:07:22

8. Amy Bernard 1:07:42

9. Rebecca Trachsel 1:08:57

10. Meagan King 1:09:42