Ten Questions with Pentucket girls track captain Cam Piecewicz

Cam Piecewicz.

With school and spring sports postponed until at least early May, life has taken a radical turn for all of our area’s high school athletes, who expected to be gearing up for their seasons by now. Over the coming weeks we will be speaking to local athletes and coaches about how the shutdown is affecting them. Today, we hear from Cam Piecewicz, a senior captain and distance runner for the Pentucket girls outdoor track team.

1. Where were you when you heard that everything was shutting down and what was your reaction?

At first I wasn’t that scared of the situation because nothing had really affected me. Then everyone started talking about it in school, and it was the only thing we talked about. Once there were rumors of other schools closing and the possibility of our school closing, I started to get nervous and realized how much I would miss school if it closed.

2. How has this situation affected you personally?

Personally, I really miss school, as I love all my classes and teachers. I also miss seeing people who are my school friends, people I don’t usually talk to outside of school, as school is where I get to see them the most. I’m really missing track right now! The team is practically my second family, and I’m missing running and spending time with them. I also worry about prom and graduation being canceled, as those are memorable celebrations that occur during senior year.

3. Under normal circumstances, what would you be doing right now?

Right now I would be in school carrying on with the regular curriculum. I would be going to track everyday and enjoying it so much. I would be requesting transcripts and things from guidance for my scholarships. I would hang out with my friends and get to see them all the time and whenever I wanted. I would be dressing nice and going to school instead of wearing PJs (no complaints on that one).

4. What were your goals coming into the spring and how have they changed?

I had a ton of goals for this spring that have changed. I aimed to be getting new personal bests in track, and with that being postponed, there could be less chances to compete and reach that. I had goals to maintain the balance between school and sports as well as other extracurriculars, which aren’t going on right now. I also had the goal to start working my summer job again, which would be reopening for the season this spring. Now I am not sure when I will be back working and earning more money for college.

5. What have you been up to over the past few weeks?

Luckily, I have been finding ways to keep myself busy the past few weeks. Both my parents are working from home now, so they decided to clean out our attic. I helped them with that for a couple of days, and have found lots of my old school work, journals, photos and scrapbooks. I have had many laughs looking through them, and it showed me how my classmates and I have changed since early elementary school! I have also been baking with my mom, and watching movies with my family almost every night. It has been so nice to spend so much time with my parents and my brother. With all of our busy schedules, it is often hard to find lots of time to be together. I love crafts and stuff like that, so I have been scrapbooking a ton. I have been reading and keeping up with school work and scholarship applications as well. I try to get outside and exercise and enjoy the weather as much as I can!

6. What, if anything, are you doing to stay in shape?

Does lifting boxes in my attic count? My mom and I use this at-home workout DVD every morning, which is kicking my butt, and we also go for walks or do yoga. Although I love spending time with my family, it is super nice to put my headphones in and go for a run outside in the fresh air as well.

7. With no NBA, NHL or March Madness, how are you getting your sports fix these days?

Playing Wii Sports Resort with my brother!

8. Have you taken up any new hobbies to pass the time?

I have been sitting outside reading a lot more than I usually have time for. I love scrapbooking so I have had time to do lots of that. I have also been dabbling in baking with my mom.

9. What’s your go-to movie or show to stream?

My favorite show of all time is New Girl, I watch it on Netflix. I’m a big movie gal, so I’ve been watching all the rom-coms I can find. I also love a good musical. I recommend Mamma Mia, Grease, Hairspray, The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, or any musical basically.

10. What are your future plans post-coronavirus crisis?

This situation has given me plenty of time to think of things I’ll do post coronavirus. First, I’m gonna give my friends a big hug. Yes, I get to Facetime and text them, but it’s not the same. I cannot wait to go out to eat with my friends in a restaurant I can sit in and enjoy my food there instead of takeout. I love going out to eat and going out for ice cream, so I will be doing a ton of that. I absolutely cannot wait to be back in school. I miss it so much. I only have so much more time with my classmates before we graduate and go off to college, or whatever people are doing post-grad. I want to make the most memories with people I won’t be staying in touch with or won’t be seeing often when I leave for college in the fall. I also really can’t wait to be running track again. As I said earlier, the team is practically my second family, and I miss all of the fun the girls bring into my life. 

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