The Red Sox 2023 regular season schedule has been released, and it promises a doozy of a reunion at Fenway Park next summer.

Mookie Betts, the former American League MVP who led the Red Sox to the 2018 World Series title, is set to return to Fenway Park for the first time since being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2020. He and the perennial NL West powerhouse will be in town Aug. 25-27, which should be the highlight of what looks like a fascinating and intriguing schedule.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Red Sox 2023 slate.

1. Sox to open at home against O’s

The Red Sox will open the season against the Baltimore Orioles on Thursday, March 30, as part of a three-game series to kick off the new year. The two teams will play twice more that Saturday and Sunday, and after that the Red Sox will welcome the Pittsburgh Pirates to Fenway Park from April 3-5 before hitting the road for their first road trip of the season to Detroit and Tampa Bay between April 6-13.

The Red Sox also conclude their season against Baltimore, facing the Orioles at Camden Yards from Sept. 28 to Oct. 1.

2. New balanced schedule

As part of MLB’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the league is shifting to a new balanced scheduling format that will place less emphasis on divisional play and allow every team to play each of the other 29 clubs at least once.

Under the new system, teams will play 52 total games against divisional opponents, down from 76 under the current system. That equates to 13 games (four total series) against each divisional opponent, down from 19 across six series teams play now.

Teams will also play 64 games against non-divisional league opponents, which will allow each to play two series against the other 10 clubs in their league, one home and one away.

The remaining 46 games will be against interleague opponents, which is up from 20 under the previous system and will allow the Red Sox to play each of the 15 National League clubs at least once. Clubs will also play a pair of two-game series — one home, one away — against their “natural rivals,” which for the Red Sox is the Atlanta Braves.

3. Cardinals, Mets among notable visitors

Mookie Betts and the Dodgers are the obvious headliners next season, but Red Sox fans can expect plenty of other exciting faces to grace Fenway Park in 2023.

Among the interleague highlights, the New York Mets come to town the weekend of July 21-23, opening the possibility fans could get to see ace pitcher’s Jacob deGrom or Max Scherzer. Boston also hosts the Pirates (April 3-5), St. Louis Cardinals (May 12-14), Cincinnati Reds (May 30 — June 1), Colorado Rockies (June 12-14), Miami Marlins (June 27-29), Atlanta Braves (July 25-26) and Los Angeles Dodgers (Aug. 25-27).

Within the American League, fans can see Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani and the Los Angeles Angels during a four-game series April 14-17. The New York Yankees will play two series at Fenway Park next season, first the weekend of June 16-18 and then again between Sept. 11-14.

4. Three west coast trips!

Unlike this year, when the Red Sox only made a single, week-long trip out to the West Coast, the club will have to make the long journey three times in 2023.

The first and longest trip will see the Red Sox head out to face the San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels and Arizona Diamondbacks between May 19-28. The second will be easier to manage, as the Red Sox come out of the All-Star Break with a stop at Wrigley Field in Chicago between July 14-16 before heading out to the Bay Area to face the Oakland Athletics from July 17-19.

Finally, only about a week later, the Red Sox will head west again for series against Mike Yastrzemski and the San Francisco Giants and against the Seattle Mariners from July 28 to Aug. 2.

5. Hit the road

The new balanced schedule will provide Red Sox fans more regular opportunities to visit National League parks, and next year’s slate features some great potential getaways.

Next season the Red Sox visit the Milwaukee Brewers (April 21-23), Philadelphia Phillies (May 5-7), Atlanta Braves (May 9-10), San Diego Padres (May 19-21), Arizona Diamondbacks (May 26-28), Chicago Cubs (July 14-16), San Francisco Giants (July 28-30) and Washington Nationals (Aug. 15-17).

The Red Sox will also be at Yankee Stadium on June 9-11 and Aug. 18-20. For the club’s complete 2023 schedule, visit

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